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Medical Billing FAQs

Medical Billing Services

Why get outsourced medical billing services?

  • Reduce Costs: Healthcare providers like Home Care, Home Healthcare, and VA Administrations face the possibility of getting paid less for more work. VA Medical Billing provides healthcare agencies in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas with the Medical Billing Services necessary to lower costs, increase revenue, and reduce AR.​ Outsourcing your medical billing services to VA Medical Billing can help reduce your billing costs, shorten the billing cycle, and drive revenue.

  • ​Drive Revenue: VA Medical Billing has been helping Home Healthcare and VA Administrations maximize revenue for years. Our exclusive medical billing system reduces rejected claims, gets you paid faster, and follows up on accounts receivable.​ 

Why trust VA Medical Billing with your outsourced medical billing?

How do I send my patient's data to VA Medical Billing?

  • We use world class technology to accept billing data both traditionally (paper) and electronically.

What happens to the data VA Medical Billing receives?

  • Any documents received are uploaded as a digital file within 24 hours and the documents are either returned or destroyed. 

Does VA Medical Billing handle the medical billing process from start to finish?

  • We do.

Does VA Medical Billing deal with appeals incase of a denied claim?

  • Yes. VA Medical Billing's dedicated medical billing staff reviews and resubmits denied medical claims as needed. If additional information is required, we work closely with your staff to obtain the necessary information. 

How Do Outsourced Medical Billing Services work?

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