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Medical Billing Services

Pittsburgh PA, Chester WV and the entire United States

Medical billing specialists from VA Medical Billing serve over 250 Home Care and Home Healthcare agencies in 40 states. We provide medical billing solutions tailored to your specific practice, with a focus in the Veterans Administration, Medicare, Medicaid, and Workers Compensation space.

Medical Billing Services

Medical billing services are a complex and integral part of the modern health care industry, and little-known facets of our healthcare system. Medical billing is the processes by which VA Home Health Care Agencies transmit important patient data and get paid for services rendered. A medical coder will create a record of a patient's visit into a universal code. This code is then translated by the medical biller into a claim, which is then given to the insurance company to determine the cost. We explain the core-concepts of the medical billing services we provide for our clients in Pittsburgh PA, Chester WV, and across the United States.

Medical Billing Solutions from VA Medical Billing

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How Do Outsourced Medical Billing Services work?

Whether to outsourced medical billing services or keep the medical billing in-house is a never ending challenge for a physicians. There are major conveniences and drawbacks within the in-house and outsourced medical billing service options, a healthcare provider should evaluate the following points before choosing any of the two. Outsourced medical billing services give physicians the ability to achieve efficiencies not available in-house. Whether or not the physician decides to outsource their medical billing or keep it in-house depends on factors such as:

  • How long has the business been around?

  • How many staff members are there?

  • How is the practice doing financially?

Medical Billing, or Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) makes up the most important aspects of the healthcare industry. Increased technological innovations, governmental regulations, and accounts receivable have made it increasingly hard for physicians to get paid, increasing demand for expert from outsourced medical billing service providers. A practice's cash flow depends on the efficiency of the medical billing, making it increasingly important.  There are pro's & con's to each method, outsourced medical billing and in-house, so healthcare and home healthcare agencies should consider the differences between the two before moving forward.

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What Our Clients Say

Why Are Medical Billing Services Important?

Although when you visit a physician, it seems like an interaction between you and your doctor, but in reality there are a lot of moving pieces that make it possible. Even though a patient may only interact with the healthcare provider, there are actually three parties involved with every doctor's visit:

  • The patient

  • The healthcare provider

  • The insurance company

It's the medical billing service provider's responsibility to handle payment arrangements between the three parties. The medical biller's function is to make sure the the healthcare provider is compensated for their services by sending bills to both the patients and payers. (Insurance company)

The medical billing service provider reports all the information on the bill regarding the patient's care, and creates a bill for the insurance company. The bill, or a "claim," includes all the patient's information, medical history, insurance policy information, what procedures were performed, and why.

Simply put, we use medical billing services because healthcare providers need compensated for their services.

Joe Grubb

I've been with VA Medical Billing for six years. They know me, they know my people, and they know my business. VA Medical Billing is a valuable business partner.

Steve Zishka

VA Medical Billing has been instrumental in allowing me to grow my business. No matter how complex the financial concern, I know I can count on VA Medical Billing to guide us through the issue.

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Jason Moore

VA Medical Billing has been so welcoming to our new business. We truly appreciate all of their hard work. We highly recommend any of their services. Class Act! Thanks VA Medical Billing!

How to Find the Best Outsourced Medical Billing Services
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Get an Experienced Medical Billing Service Provider

If you're considering outsourcing your medical billing services, make sure the medical billing company you're working with has experience in the field your healthcare agency works in. For example, VA Medical Billing specializes in VA Administration Medical Billing, VA Revenue Cycle Management, and VA Community Care Billing for home care agencies and home healthcare industries. Knowing your medical billing service provider is well versed in your niche will help reduce potential errors, shorten the revenue cycle, and improve your cashflow.

Should Your Medical Billing Service Provider Be Local?

If you're looking for outsourced medical billing, hiring a local company can help resolve issues faster. If a company is local, they are more inclined to perform well and will be easier to get ahold of if something isn't right. If your outsourced medical billing service provider is on the other side of the country, differences in time zones can make it difficult to contact them and resolve issues. However, VA Medical Billing understands communication and promptness is crucial for project success. We've been working with Home Care and Home Healthcare agencies across the US for 10 years and have measures in place to ensure client success.

Ask for Referrals 

Make sure your outsourced medical billing service provider has several references from similar companies in your industry. Knowing your medical billing company has a track record of success will let you know your medical billing is behind handled by a professional.

Medical Billing Services & Patient Relationship
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After a patient has received healthcare services, they normally receive a bill at the end of the treatment. The billing company creates this by checking to see if a patient has a balance. The biller then adds the cost of the procedure to that balance, deducting the amount the insurance company covers, while including the co-pay/deductible. The medical billing company also accesses a patients medical records.


  • Medical coding companies use medical reports to translate procedures and diagnoses into code, while medical billing companies use medical records and insurance plans to translate information into accurate medical bills.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Why outsource your medical billing?

  • Reduce Costs: Healthcare providers like Home Care, Home Healthcare, and VA Administrations face the possibility of getting paid less for more work. VA Medical Billing provides healthcare agencies in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas with the Medical Billing Services necessary to lower costs, increase revenue, and reduce AR.​ Outsourcing your medical billing services to VA Medical Billing can help reduce your billing costs, shorten the billing cycle, and drive revenue.

  • ​Drive Revenue: VA Medical Billing has been helping Home Healthcare and VA Administrations maximize revenue for years. Our exclusive medical billing system reduces rejected claims, gets you paid faster, and follows up on accounts receivable.​ 

Why trust VA Medical Billing with your billing and revenue cycle management?

"How do I send my patient's data to you?"

  • We use world class technology to accept billing data both traditionally (paper) and electronically.

"What happens to the data you receive?"

  • Any documents received are uploaded as a digital file within 24 hours and the documents are either returned or destroyed. 

Do you handle the medical billing process from start to finish?

  • We do.

Do you deal with appeals incase of a denied claim?

  • Yes. VA Medical Billing's dedicated medical billing staff reviews and resubmits denied medical claims as needed. If additional information is required, we work closely with your staff to obtain the necessary information. 

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