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Home Care Billing Services

Medical billing specialists from VA Medical Billing serve over 250 Home Care and Home Healthcare agencies in 40 states. We provide medical billing solutions tailored to your specific practice, with a focus in the Veterans Administration space.

Outsourced Home Care Billing Services

Home Care Billing Solutions from VA Medical Billing

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How Do Outsourced Home Care Billing Services work?


What Our Clients Say

Why Are Billing Services Important?
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Joe Grubb

I've been with VA Medical Billing for six years. They know me, they know my people, and they know my business. VA Medical Billing is a valuable business partner.

Steve Zishka

VA Medical Billing has been instrumental in allowing me to grow my business. No matter how complex the financial concern, I know I can count on VA Medical Billing to guide us through the issue.

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Jason Moore

VA Medical Billing has been so welcoming to our new business. We truly appreciate all of their hard work. We highly recommend any of their services. Class Act! Thanks VA Medical Billing!

How to Find the Best Outsourced Home Care Billing Services for Your Agency
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