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Get Paid Faster by the VA for Home Care Services

Boosting profits through medical billing for a decade

Tired of running out of cash and spending too much time trying to be an expert at medical billing—rather than growing your revenue? Medical Billing Services from VA Medical Billing can help you dramatically improve your revenue cycle.

  • Medical Billing Services

  • AR Management Services

  • Tangible Results in as Little as 2 Weeks

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Medical Billing Services



You get comprehensive, end-to-end medical billing services that increase your revenue through maximum reimbursement, while cutting costs as much as 48%.

  • Daily Claim Submissions

  • Electronic Claims

  • Follow-up

  • Correction/Re-submissions

  • Patient statements

  • Payment posting/Adjustments

  • Denial Danagement

  • Managing collections



Did you know that 85% of all collections issues are really billing issues in disguise? We help our clients understand the rules of billing AND put in a standard process for managing your accounts receivable while they are still collectible. 


Our A/R Management program has a proven track record of success and our team is ready to help you improve your cash flow.  Give us a call so we can estimate how much additional cash you can put on your balance sheet. 


We specialize in large program billing such as Medicaid, Veterans Administration, and Complex Workers Compensation Cases. We pull the data from your existing billing system, transform it into an electronic claim, and follow your claims through the entire revenue cycle. 

We bill thousands of electronic claims each week. You focus on your customers.  We will focus on getting you paid.

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Scale Your Agency with VA Medical Billing

Get the outsourced medical billing services you need for success

At VA Medical Billing we know you are the kind of person who wants to be a highly successful business owner in the home care space, and also have an opportunity to serve our military veterans through the Veterans Affairs. In order to be that way, you need to be scalable and focusing on growing your business. 


Your problem is you're stuck trying to get paid, rather than focusing on generating more revenue. Trying to wear all the hats of your business prevents you from scaling. That's why over the past 10 years, we've developed the nation's #1 VA Medical Billing service—proven to shorten your revenue cycle and boost profits. Proudly serving 60+ agencies across the US. 


Get your free quote and discover your quickest path to more profits.

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About Us

Medical Billing Services:

Medical billing services are a complex and integral part of the modern health care industry, and little-known facets of our healthcare system. We explain the core-concepts of the medical billing services we provide for our clients across the US.

Insider Secrets to Medical Billing:

Medical billing services for home care and home healthcare agencies are increasingly important in today's dynamic landscape. Medical billing is how home care agencies get paid, so having an outsourced medical billing partner is crucial for success.

AR Management


We work closely with our clients on the services we're providing to successfully achieve mutual goals together. AR Management Services ensure your financial success is as important to your business as it is to ours.

Why VA Medical Billing?

Get paid faster. Stress less.

We break projects down into digestible chunks and only implement features that you need right now while not losing sight of what you need in the future.

Project timelines are 20% planning and 80% execution. No project deliverable should go over 90 days. Most should be in 30 days. 

We bring people, strategy, and technology together to drive efficiency in office and improve business performance.

​​Our specialty is working with our clients to understand their pain points in a complex, ever changing operating model and design solutions, internal or outsourced, that maximize productivity and require minimal oversight.

Our Clients range from Private Equity/Venture Capital groups looking for experienced support, to small and medium size businesses that have outgrown their traditional back-office structure and need a trusted partner.

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Your info is 100% secure. We will never share your info. with a 3rd party. Privacy Policy

Joe Grubb

"I've been with VA Medical Billing for six years. They know me, they know my people, and they know my business. VA Medical Billing is a valuable business partner."

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